JiKa Aku BuKAN UnTUkMU,BiaRkaN AKu pErGi..UsAh Kau HadIR BerSama BaYaNgMU...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

~~~A ThING~~`

well,guess wat the girl said to that boy....

she said: dear boy,this is my heart..take it,go on..play with it...just dont forget to return back to me when you've done with it.

and the boy does take her heart,and play with it...while he busy doing that..the girl keep on waiting for her heart to be returned..

she waits..waiting...n waiting..

when the boy doesnt show up,the girl sat down and said:

some people want everything..but i want just A THING

some people say all thing..but i want just keep A THING

some people do anything..but i want do everything for just A THING

some people say nothing.....but i dare to say A THING

some people would judge on all kind of things....but i would stand just for A THING

some people say me crazy....for A THING...yes..i think i really are....


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