JiKa Aku BuKAN UnTUkMU,BiaRkaN AKu pErGi..UsAh Kau HadIR BerSama BaYaNgMU...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


its hard to tell your mind STOP loving him,if your HEART still love him..---->angel(junior)

well,aku tertarik ngan status facebook ni,its TRUE,,,memag kita akn susah nk sruh otak yang mengandungi serebrum,serebelum,medula oblongata n pons ini to forget..tambah2 lagi,if our heart still keep saying his name.,,again n again.,,

if only,there is a button to delete,i would press it..only to get rid of your name tht resound in my head.okay!!!

i never wish this to happen....and i know you are the same...can't we just take this as fate?i'm fated to love you..

sorry,my entry 2011 sangt jiwang......ahha....do i care?as long as i can release my feeling...nk baca keep on reading,,,tak nak baca sudddaaaahhhh...hahaha.


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